Why should I choose a career in finance?

The simple answer is – it makes good sense and the more difficult question is – am I the right fit for a job in finance. Finance is versatile as it transcends business, economics, accounting, marketing and technology – all standard subjects taught at university and colleges to earn degrees and diplomas. The biggest challenge to any student is always to decide whether the course specialization is the right fit Many students join courses due to peer-influence, family-pressure or ‘sounds

8 ways to motivate your team

Reality  Passive or disengaged employees are likely to do the minimum they feel is acceptable and unlikely to give employers the benefit of any discretionary efforts. They may even become toxic, acting as a negative influence on others and damaging constructive working relationships. Ultimately, failure to pay attention to levels of motivation and engagement will result in a loss of competitiveness and profits. Maintaining motivation is particularly important and challenging during times of rapid change and uncertainty. At such times morale can