Why should I choose a career in finance?

The simple answer is – it makes good sense and the more difficult question is – am I the right fit for a job in finance. Finance is versatile as it transcends business, economics, accounting, marketing and technology – all standard subjects taught at university and colleges to earn degrees and diplomas.

The biggest challenge to any student is always to decide whether the course specialization is the right fit Many students join courses due to peer-influence, family-pressure or ‘sounds exciting with great opportunities’ they read or hear about from friends, family media etc. Any course can be made to fit if the student has motivation and determination to gain knowledge and apply concepts, theories, principles and practices in the real world!

Studying finance is good and rewarding if you want to pursue a career in the financial services industry (investment banks, financial advisory firms, regulators are great places to advance your career goals). The intense competition for business in the modern globalized world is re-shaping working hours where a lot of working time is forcing reduced social time which students must be prepared to accept as they join the workforce. The time commitment and attitude of employees will largely determine their future success in the organizations.

To be the right fit you need to spend a lot of hours learning on the job and learning from your experienced co-workers and managers. The experience is what makes you improve and become a better finance professional. Some hot topics in Finance which will guide your career choices include the following:-

-Interest in investment evaluation techniques and time value principles such as NPV, IRR suitable to find opportunities to work with investors, investment funds and financial advisory firms – Capital Markets

-Interest in Equity & Valuation such as PE, EPS and DDM models will create opportunities in investment research, brokerage and advisory firms – Equity Markets

-Interest in yield curves and interest rates will create opportunities in Fixed Income businesses and commercial banks and treasury markets – Bond Markets & Money Markets.

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