Review of Financial Markets: Q3 2018

Issues around ‘behavioural finance’ – understanding the true needs of clients – the use of blockchain for greater operational and cost efficiency, and dealing with the many-headed Hydra of the cyber threat, all covered in the Q3 2018 edition of RoFM, will feature on many boardroom agendas edited by George Littlejohn MCSI, senior adviser to the CISI

Behavioural finance – time to look in the mirror?
Keith Robertson, Chartered FCSI, long-time investment and financial planning guru, spent much of spring 2018 distilling his seminal – and at times controversial – contributions to the debate on behavioural finance. It will certainly spark debate, some of it heated. Feel free to send your comments to RoFM editor, George Littlejohn MCSI, [email protected]
The Q3 2018 edition of RoFM features an edited extract of the paper. The full paper will be available soon as a PDF on this page.

Distributed ledger technologies – an emerging consensus on the buy-side
Blockchain has a vital role to play on the buy-side, say Dr Ian Hunt and Chris Mills, who have conducted research on distributed ledger technologies, which indicates that “their expectations of investment outcomes are sharpening, their tolerance of poor customer service is disappearing, and their delivery mechanisms are now expected to include modern digital media”.

Incident reporting in cyber security
With the cyber threat now biting most firms’ ankles, the regulators need to keep track of the damage, says Richard Parlour, a UK solicitor renowned for this expertise in financial crime. In June 2018, a joint Centre for European Policy Studies – European Credit Research Institute (CEPS–ECRI) task force published a major report on ‘Cyber security in finance – getting the policy mix right’. A key element of this in the securities and investment sector is incident reporting requirements. In this excerpt from the report on this area, Richard and his colleagues outline key recommendations.

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